[How to peel and peel chestnut?

]_How to peel_Peeling method

[How to peel and peel chestnut?
]_How to peel_Peeling method

Do you like to eat chestnut?

I believe most people’s answers are like.

Yes, chestnut is such a favorite food, but it tastes very delicious, and it can also add a lot of nutrients to your body.

On the streets, we can often see the figure of sugar-fried chestnuts, which are especially fragrant when they smell.

However, if you buy raw chestnuts, how can you quickly remove the chestnut shell?

The first method: boiled in brine. After the chestnuts are washed, cut a little bit with a knife from the middle; 2. Put in the brine and cook on the stove for 5 minutes; 3. Remove the shell and skin of the chestnut while hot; 4,All peeled look is complete.

The second method: rice cooker method 1, cut the chestnut after washing the chestnut; 2, put in the rice cooker without water; 3, click the rice cooking button, take out the shell and peel; 4 because this cooksWhen you’re done, you’re ready.

So it is easy to peel.

The colors are not very nice either.

The third method: pressure cooker method 1, after chestnut cleaning, cut a hole with a knife; 2, put in a pressure cooker without water; 3, turn off the heat for three minutes after gas.

Remove the shell and skin; 4, it is more difficult to peel, and when the fire is off, it is not easy.

The first method: sun exposure (misalignment) 1, directly under the sun; 2, after a day of exposure, it is not easy to peel; 3, after another day of exposure, it is still not easy to peel.

Fifth method: sun exposure method 1, chestnuts cut with a knife, and exposed to the sun; 2, one day later; 3, you can peel one; 4, two days later, you can peel, but not easy.

The following chestnut methods look good.

The most recommended method is salt water immersion.

The sixth method: steep method 1, cut the chestnut in half; 2, remove the shell; 3, cover with boiling water for 5 minutes; 4, it is easy to peel.

The seventh method (strongly recommended), the salt water soaking method 1, the chestnut is directly poured into the salt boiling water for 5 minutes; 2, and then cut with a knife a mouth; 3, shelling and peeling while hot; 4, quite complete.